Daniele Dinaro


Was born on the 2nd June 1987 is an Italian composer for film, television and video game. Around the age of 6 – 7 he showed interest for artistic activities, especially music. When he was 7 years old he began to have private piano lessons with the jazz teacher, Camillo Balcone. This lead to a growing passion for improvisation and he begun to compose his first melodies. For a brief time he put aside his musical interests to concentrate on his studies and obtained a diploma as a computer technician expert. He then enrolled in computer technology at the Catania University. He soon began his working career as a Creative Director for a company that was based in Milan. In his free time he never abandoned his passion for music and renovated his small office with new and advanced instruments and experimented new techniques of digital compositions thanks to his computer knowledge.From 2012 he began to compose musical symphonies using virtual libraries. To the present date he has composed three albums plus original score for a Science Fiction Short Film (‘Cursor’, with about 482,000 visualizations on Youtube), showed at the Municipal Assembly Hall in Franconfonte, in the province of Siracusa and introduced at various festivals, of which ‘The Trieste Film Festival’ and winning best Original Score at ‘Film Farm Festival’. Following the introduction to ‘Cursor’ various news items were dedicated to him in different local newspapers. To this day he has given authorization to allow some of his musical pieces to be used at conventions, presentations, short films, and movies. As a fan of Hollywood he has passionately made some soundtracks that he has adapted to cinematographic trailers and so in the same way that a tailor would create a custom made gown, he has obtained the first [u]observations[/u] on the web. Not being unnoticed he was dedicated an interview in one of the most known italian musical forums. Daniele is presently working on other projects and continues to enlarge his own horizons for digital symphonic music in the style of the new Hollywood films.

Registered with the P.R.O. company: S.I.A.E.

Country: Italy
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Daniele Dinaro    Daniele Dinaro
Daniele Dinaro    Daniele Dinaro
Daniele Dinaro    Daniele Dinaro
Daniele Dinaro    Daniele Dinaro
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