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After graduating with honors in Musicology and Cinematography in 2010, and in Composition for Visual Media in 2012 at Santa Cecilia Conservatory, I started working right away in the film industry, as a film composer, orchestrator and sound designer for many productions, from movies and prime time tv shows on the major networks, to indie feature films, series and games.

In January 2016, I was chosen for the inaugural Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive, held by Mr. David Newman and Mr. Angel Velez. At the end of this challenging workshop, Andrea conducted and recorded my piece at the Eastwood Scoring Stage, Warner Bros Studios.

I have been working with major productions in Italy (RAI Cinema, Mediaset, Indigo films, Warner Chappell), taking part as composer in relevant projects like prime-time shows on RAI channels and the more recent Award winner “Non Essere Cattivo” (David di Donatello Award® and Nastro D’argento Award®) and with many companies worldwide (Velvet Green Music, SPM Music Group, scoreAscore, Really Slow Motion, Soundiva, Sonuscore, Embertone, Fluffy Audio, Orange Tree Samples…), as well as some established Italian composers, like Paolo Buonvino and Golden Globe® nominee Carlo Siliotto. Recent works include many RAI prime time TV series and documentaries, two video games, Maguss, and Eden Falling by RazordEdge Games and furthermore, I recently scored the western movie “Deadman Standing”, directed by Nicholas Barton, starring C. Thomas Howell, Luke Arnold, M.C. Gainey, distributed by Lionsgate in 2018.


From director Nicholas Barton:

I had the great fortune of collaborating with Andrea, as a composer of the music for my feature film Hyde Park, which will be released this year by Lionsgate Entertainment. As one of the largest distribution companies for feature films in the world, Lionsgate immediately understood the quality of the score that Andrea created and chose Hyde Park as one of the 3 independent films (out of 10,000) to distribute from this year’s American Film Market. Mr. Bellucci’s deep knowledge of the musical world, being able to write both in a classical and contemporary styles, excellent understanding of the director-composer relationship, tremendous disposition, top-of-the-line professionalism, and all-over musicianship make him one of the most valuable musicians that I’ve ever worked with. The music I looked for in my film required a high level of expertise as a composer and producer because, in order to fit with the essence of the story, the music had to be tasteful, classy and yet edgy and moving. Andrea met these criteria perfectly.

Registered with the P.R.O. company: SIAE

Country: Italy
  • Western
  • Sci-Fi
  • Romantic, Sentimental
  • Fantasy
  • Suspense, Dark
  • Drammatic
  • Comedy
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • ROCK
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